Weight Loss Pack


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  • ProPeas (2 canisters), Fit ’n Fiber plus GlucoChrom to help metabolize carbohydrates and fat
  • Ideal for weight management
  • Aids in appetite reduction
  • Delivers nutrients that help build and maintain lean muscle


Weight Loss Pack

2 – ProPeas – 16 oz Vanilla Flavor

ProPeas provides a sugar-free, vegetable source of
protein made from peas that helps to alkalize the body
and manage weight by increasing feelings of fullness,
boosting metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass.

1 – Fit ‘N Fiber – 16 oz. Peach Orchard Flavor

Fit ‘n Fiber is a dietary fiber supplement for healthy
weight management. It provides ten grams of fiber from
a unique array of synergistic herbs as well as fiber from
psyllium husk, oat, apple, acacia, flax seed and konjac.

1 – GlucoChrom – 60 Vegan capsules

GlucoChrom is a dietary supplement that provides a
unique combination of trace minerals and herbs that
may assist in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.



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