12 fl oz/355 ml

  • Each bottle supplies 28,800 mg of elemental magnesium
  • Topical magnesium in a lotion, spray and CWR bath additive
  • Increases magnesium levels in the body
  • Delivers an essential mineral for cellular energy and overall wellness, from healthy bones, brain, heart, muscles to skin


  • Key Benefits and Features
  • Critical to energy production at the cellular level
  • Supports healthy bones, teeth, heart tissue
    and brain cells
  • Relaxes muscles and eases athletic injury
  • Lessens or eliminates headache pain
  • Natural cellular protectant
  • Restores cellular magnesium levels
  • Facilitates safe and effective detoxification
  • Involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions
  • Offered in a lotion, spray, and CWR bath additive




Mag-nificence offers three different choices of
topical magnesium—lotion, spray and CWR bath
additive—to provide effective ways of increasing
cellular absorption of this essential mineral.

What is magnesium?

Magnesium may be one of the most essential elements to
living organisms. Its function in the human body is vast—
everything from electrolyte maintenance to metabolism
to heart health and so much more can be traced back to
magnesium. Supplemental magnesium can help create a body
in balance and lead to improved health in a number of areas.
As an essential mineral, magnesium is involved in more than
300 enzymatic reactions inside the body. In its most prominent
role, magnesium is critical to the utilization and production of
energy during cell metabolism. Consider that magnesium is the
second-most-abundant, positively-charged ion in cell fluids, and
you can see how the transfer, storage and utilization of intracellular
energy rely on this mineral.

In addition to its effect on energy, magnesium also affects
the central nervous system, neuromuscular system and the
cardiovascular system. It produces and transports energy,
synthesizes protein, transmits nerve signals, and relaxes muscles.
About 65 percent of all the body’s magnesium resides in bones
and teeth, and the mineral plays a key role in
the health of both. The remaining percentage
of magnesium can be found in muscle and tissue cells and body fluids with the highest concentrations in
the heart and brain cells. This speaks to magnesium’s value in
cardiovascular and neurologic health.

Magnesium is essential to your health. Without it, numerous biological processes would never occur.

Magnesium Chloride

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface.
The most common type of magnesium found in seawater is
magnesium chloride. This natural source of such an essential
mineral is also one of the easiest to absorb because of its water
solubility. Absorbing magnesium chloride while swimming in
the sea may be one of reasons people feel so good afterward.
Other types of this mineral are not as easily absorbed, such as
magnesium sulfate, and can cause side effects. Safety and bioavailability made magnesium chloride the natural choice for

About Mag-nificence

Mag-nificence provides three ways to apply readily available
magnesium chloride, absorbed topically, not consumed
orally—a departure from most AIM nutritional products. One
of the most effective ways to get magnesium into the cells is by
absorption through the skin. Magnesium is not easily broken
down and used by the body, and the older we get, the harder it
is to get adequate absorption through an oral application.

Mag-nificence products effectively assist the body in maintaining whole-body health.

The lotion provides topical magnesium in a fragrance-free,
moisturizing blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil. The magnesium spray delivers a high concentration of this
essential mineral. CWR bath additive delivers magnesium with
mica minerals.

Regardless of the method, the intensity of Mag-nificence
may be felt as it treats the body, balancing and restoring it to
greater youth, tone, strength, beauty, health and well-being.

The efficacy of the Mag-nificence products may be noticed
after consistent use of the lotion, spray or CWR bath additive.
Consistent use assists the body in restoring balance and health
through cellular rejuvenation.

How to Use

Magnesium Body Lotion

Generously apply the lotion onto clean skin and smooth
in gently. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and sensitive areas.
Some individuals may experience a tingling sensation on the
skin after applying the lotion, but this is normal.

The lotion’s topical magnesium supplements the intake of
this essential mineral while moisturizing the skin with shea
butter, coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil.

Each tube supplies 6,168 mg of elemental magnesium.

Magnesium Body Spray

Spray onto skin and rub in gently. Use caution around the
eyes, the mouth and other sensitive areas. It is normal for some
individuals to experience a tingling or slight stinging sensation
on the skin upon application.

The spray may be applied regularly and often, providing a
high concentration of topical magnesium.

Each bottle supplies 7,731 mg of elemental magnesium.

Magnesium Bath Additive (CWR)

Mix 2 ounces (60 ml) of CWR in a bath (or footbath
of warm to hot water and soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Six
applications per bottle. You may use more depending on your
needs. Product can also be applied directly to the skin.

Each bottle supplies 28,800 mg of elemental magnesium.

The combined use of the Mag-nificence products speeds up
the delivery of magnesium to the cells.

Q & A

I started using Mag-nificence, and I feel worse. Why?
The intensity of the Mag-nificence products may result
in a normal body process called detoxification. This can
manifest itself in fatigue, rashes and headaches, and
edema can occur. It is your body flushing out toxins. For
more information, see AIM’s Detoxification Datasheet.

How can I test for a magnesium deficiency?
Unfortunately, there is not a good test to detect
magnesium deficiency. A blood test will not show low
intracellular magnesium since only about 1 percent of
the body’s total magnesium is in the blood.

Who is deficient?
Magnesium deficiency can result from inadequate intake,
reduced absorption or excessive excretion—risk factors
that manifest themselves in specific ways such as overuse
of laxatives, diuretic therapy, kidney disease, alcoholism,
anorexia, severe diarrhea and malabsorption syndromes.
In addition, two common societal problems, physical
stress and a high-starch diet, may increase the body’s
need for magnesium.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency cover a broad
spectrum because magnesium is involved in so many
different processes in the body. Subtle symptoms include
muscle aches, pains, cramps, insomnia and headaches.
Low energy and regular fatigue are also signals of low
magnesium. Serious symptoms include high blood
pressure, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing,
osteoporosis and digestive problems.

Is Mag-nificence CWR the same as AIM Cell Wellness
Mag-nificence CWR is formulated to have the same
benefits as Cell Wellness Restorer but with over 150%
more magnesium.

Is there anyone who should not use Mag-nificence?
Do not use if you are sensitive to magnesium or if your
physician has restricted your magnesium intake. Use
caution if you have any open cuts or abrasions. Keep out
of reach of children. Not for oral consumption.

This bulletin is for information in the United States only. It has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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