AIM CranVerry – 30 Capsule Bottle


Key Benefits and Features
  • Reduces the frequency of bladder infections
  • Inhibits the growth of the yeast candida
  • Beneficial for both women and men
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health
  • Provides 500 mg of cranberry extract per capsule
  • All ingredients in CranVerry are non-GMO
  • 30-count vegetarian capsules


CranVerry is a unique combination of cranberry extract with proven benefits for urinary tract infections and three other active ingredients that have been shown through research to effectively inhibit Candida infections.

Urinary Tract Health

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a serious health problem, resulting in more than 150 million cases each year worldwide. About 20 percent of women will experience a urinary tract infection sometime during their lives. Of those, 80 percent will have another within eighteen months. The incidence in men is less, although the risk increases substantially with age in both sexes.

In healthy individuals, the urine is typically nearly sterile and free of most bacteria. The bacteria that normally occupies the colon, Escherichia coli (E. coli), is the most common bacteria that contribute to a urinary tract infection. These bacteria can adhere to the opening of the urethra—the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body—and then multiply. After multiplying, the bacteria can then travel to the bladder and, if gone untreated, continue to grow and migrate through the ureters to infect the kidneys. Ultimately, these bacteria begin to affect urine production and bladder function, resulting in painful or frequent urination, nausea, and fever.

Recurrent UTIs may also increase the risk of incontinence in women after menopause. In the elderly, consequences can be much more severe, including mental deterioration and respiratory distress. Abnormalities in the urinary tract such as kidney stones and enlarged prostate can raise the risk for UTIs; thus, both men and women could benefit from CranVerry .

Antibiotic Resistance

Western medicine has traditionally treated UTIs with antibiotics, but bacterial resistance to these antibiotics has become an increasing problem. More than 20 percent of E. coli is now resistant to the most common antibiotics.

Fortunately, new research indicates that cranberry can help prevent and treat UTIs due to its ability to keep pathogens from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. These pathogens can then be flushed out in the urine, and urinary health is maintained. The specific phytonutrient in cranberries that performs this role is proanthocyanidin (PACs) compounds. PACs are chains of flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that have an array of health benefits, and while other fruits carry these same compounds, only the PACs in cranberries and blueberries have been shown to have the stick-free effect on urinary bacteria.

Anthocyanins are believed to be part of the flavonoids that make up the chain of proanthocyanidins. Anthocyanins are the water soluble portion of the plant cell that transmits pigments that appear red, purple, or blue. A recent study has shown that the amount of cranberry extract in one capsule of CranVerry has the equivalent anthocyanin content of seven eight-ounce glasses of cranberry juice cocktail.

CranVerry contains 500 mg of CranMax® cranberry extract per capsule. The extract is derived from the whole berry, including solids, seeds, skins, and concentrated juices. Through clinical studies, CranMax has been shown to be absorbed in the lower intestines where anthocyanins are released and absorbed by the body over a twelve to sixteen hour time period. It takes thirty-four pounds of raw cranberry material to produce a single pound of CranMax natural cranberry.

Candidiasis (yeast infections)

Candidiasis is an infection caused by Candida albincans, a yeast or fungus that can infect the mouth, vagina, skin, stomach, or urinary tract. Oral infections are more commonly known as “thrush” and typically found in the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Nearly 3 in 4 women will get a yeast infection during their lifetime. The ingredients in CranVerry have the ability to combat Candida yeast infections.

While Candida on its own is usually not harmful to the body, an overabundance can cause a myriad of health concerns, including fatigue, weight gain, and toxification. We are at increased risk for Candida overgrowth due to the prevalence of processed foods in modern diets, the increased use of antibiotics, and the rise in obesity and diabetes.


Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring phytonutrient that occurs in several plants. Research completed in 2007 noted that the fungicidal effects of resveratrol demonstrated its potential to minimize candida infections.

CranVerry contains 50 mg of resveratrol extract standardized to 50 percent trans-resveratrol. The resveratrol is extracted from the root of Japanense Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum). Studies have suggested the bioavailablitity of resveratrol from grapes is less than that of trans-resveratrol found in CranVerry .


The pericarp or rind of the mangosteen fruit has been shown to contain active components that belong to a group of xanthones (plant phenols) that have been found in studies to have a wide scope of antibacterial activity and kill Candida within twenty minutes of exposure. CranVerry contains 100 mg of mangosteen fruit concentrate that includes the pericarp in a 20:1 concentration per capsule. This means that it takes 20 pounds of mangosteens to make 1 pound of mangosteen fruit concentrate.


Beta-glucanase is a carbohydrate enzyme that breaks the bonds within beta-glucan, the main structural component of biofilm. Biofilm is a slimy protective shield that surrounds communities of bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Up to 60 percent of human infections are attributed to biofilm, which enhances the survival and reproduction of Candida. Biofilm is believed to contribute to Candida’s resistance to drug therapy. Betaglucanase’s breakdown of beta-glucan reduces the viability of the biofilm, thus weakening C. albicans’ resistance to drug therapy. This can lessen the symptoms related to a Candida infection. CranVerry contains 100 BGU of betaglucanase per capsule.

How to use

  • Take one capsule daily. You may take more of less depending on your needs. Best taken with food.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or nursing women should consult with a physician prior to use.

Q & A

Can CranVerry benefit both men and women?
Yes, the ingredients of CranVerry can benefit the urinary tracts for both men and women.

Why is CranVerry best taken with food?
Resveratrol is a fat-soluble polyphenolic compound and is more bioavailable when consumed with food.

Can I take CranVerry in conjunction with other AIM products?
Yes, CranVerry can be used in combination with all AIM products, excluding AIM FloraFood®. The enzyme beta-glucanase may reduce the viability of the probiotics found in FloraFood. Please take these products at alternating meals.

What are some complementary AIM products that can also combat UTIs and Candidiasis?
The probiotics in FloraFood taken before, during, and after a course of antibiotics may help to prevent an increase in Candida cells. These probiotics have also been found to be beneficial in reducing the occurrence of UTIs. AIM Bear Paw Garlic® also has antifungal properties that may inhibit Candida growth.

Other products to help provide support for those with urinary tract and candida infections include AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and AIM Proancynol® 2000


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